Compas Keyring by Philippi

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Compas Keyring: The Keyring That Guides You

Do you love adventure? Do you want to explore new places and discover new things? Do you want to always know where you are and where you are going? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Compas Keyring.
The Compass Keyring is not just a keyring. It's a companion and a guide. It's a sleek and stylish accessory that features a functional compass. It's made of high-quality aluminium and has a smooth and glossy finish. It has an orange shape that resembles a sliced fruit, adding a touch of colour and charm to your keys.

The Compass Keyring is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're travelling, hiking, camping, or just wandering around the city, Compas Keyring will help you find your way. You can use it to check the direction of the North or to orient yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. Compass Keyring is also easy to use and carry, thanks to its lightweight and compact design.

Diameter: 3 cm

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