Mesh Lantern Candle Holder by Philippi

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Philippi - Mesh Lantern: A Stylish and Cozy Light

Do you love candlelight? Do you want to decorate your home with elegance and charm? Do you need a light that can be used inside and outside? Then you need the Mesh Lantern. This is a luxury lantern with a unique design that will make your home beautiful and cozy.

The Mesh Lantern has a metal base and a wire mesh hood that covers a glass cylinder. You can put a candle inside the cylinder that will create a soft light. The wire mesh lets the light shine through, creating a nice effect of light and shadow. The metal base has a magnetic feature that makes it easy to connect and disconnect the hood.

The Mesh Lantern is made of high-quality materials that are durable and elegant. The metal base is shiny and classy. The wire mesh is fine and delicate. The glass cylinder is sturdy and clear, protecting the candle from wind and dust.

The Mesh Lantern is more than a lantern. It is a symbol of your style and taste, and a mood enhancer with its cozy light. You can use it to create different atmospheres in your home or garden. You can also use it as a centrepiece, a decoration, or a gift.

Don’t settle for ordinary lanterns. Order the Mesh Lantern today and enjoy this stylish and cozy light. You deserve it!

Material: steel, powder coated, glass frosted
Height: 19cm

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