Modern Abstract Vase in Stainless Steel by Philippi

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Modern Abstract Vase: A Unique Piece of Art for Your Home

Are you looking for a vase that is not only functional, but also artistic and stunning? Do you want to add some drama and elegance to your home and your flowers? Then you need the Modern Abstract Vase, a hand-folded vase made of stainless steel that resembles a theatre curtain.

The Modern Abstract Vase is made of polished stainless steel, creating a sleek and modern look that will impress anyone who sees it. The vase has a sweeping shape that creates dramatic folds and waves, making it look like a living sculpture. The vase can hold lush bouquets as well as single flowers or twigs, creating different effects and moods.

The Modern Abstract Vase is more than just a vase. It is a statement of your style and sophistication. It is a tool that will help you decorate with flair and originality. It is a gift that will delight your friends and family, showing them your taste and creativity.

Order the Modern Abstract Vase today and get ready to transform your home into a gallery!

Dimension: Ø 30 x 20 (h) cm
Material: stainless steel, mirror-polished, hand-folded

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