Shape Maker Sand Timer by Philippi

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Philippi LaLa Mind Pauser

Do you feel stressed by the hectic pace of life? Do you need a moment to relax and unwind? Do you want to unleash your creativity and imagination? Introducing the Philippi LaLa Mind Pauser, a magnetic hourglass style that transforms time into art. This unique product uses ferrite powder to create different shapes and patterns as the sand falls. Watch in awe as the magnetic field changes the appearance of the hourglass with every flip. The Philippi LaLa Mind Pauser is more than just a timer. It is a tool to help you pause your mind, calm your nerves, and stimulate your senses. Whether you need a break from work, study, or daily chores, the Philippi LaLa Mind Pauser will help you find your zen. Don't let time slip away from you. Order the Philippi LaLa Mind Pauser today and experience the magic of magnetic sand.

Borosilicate glass, aluminium, ferritsand, magnetic
16 (h) cm

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