Celebration Luxury Table Top Indoor & Outdoor Fire Pit by Philippi

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Stylish and atmospheric.

Looking for a cozy and stylish way to warm up your living room? The Celebration table top fire pit by Philippi is the perfect choice for you. This elegant and minimalist Tabletop firepit is made of stainless steel and glass, and can be filled with clear unscented paraffin lamp oil for a clean and smokeless flame. The Celebration table top fire pit is easy to use and safe to touch, and creates a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in any space. Whether you want to curl up with a book, enjoy a glass of wine, or entertain your guests, the Fire table top fire pit will make your home feel inviting and cozy. Order yours today and experience the magic of fire.🔥

Despatch next working day (Monday to Friday) 

Please follow the instructions.

23cm Diameter x 14(h) cm

The fire pits do get warm. The heat is like having 6 candles in a circle, you could not hold your hands above it for long as it would get too hot and could burn. In an enclosed space it can ‘warm’ the area or in the outdoors you would be able to warm your hands around it.

They are generally used on a table for ambiance and great atmosphere with some warmth too.

Please ensure that the Fire Pit instructions are followed fully and the wicks are cut to 1mm above the metal wick holder before use. Also that only clear unscented paraffin lamp oil is used. We will not be able to refund or replace any Fire pits that have not followed these instructions. Not following these instructions can in some rare instances cause the glass to crack.

Presented in a recycled card BOX. Please ensure you keep the recycled box in case you need to return the item as we cannot refund without the gift box.

There is a small air hole in the stainless steel paraffin chamber. Please do not over fill the paraffin beyond the air hole as this could cause leakage.

Please only use unscented smokeless clear paraffin lamp oil such as this one below available online from Amazon or hardware sellers.

Instructions are supplied with every Fire pit fireplace.

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