Magnetic Perpetual Calendar by Philippi

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365 Magnetic Calendar by Philippi

The Philippi 365 Magnetic Calendar is the ultimate calendar for your home or office. It’s a sleek and stylish calendar that lets you set the date and month by simply moving the two magnetic balls. It’s made from indestructible ABS and measures approx. 33 cm x 4 cm x 23 cm. It’s an excellent gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience and elegance of this unique and different calendar!

  • It has a magnetic mechanism and the individual dates and days of the week are designated by a white, black and red sphere (fitted with magnets).
  • The months and days of the week are inscribed on the black rim. The current date, in turn, is marked on the transverse bar.
  • The stability of the structure is ensured by the support on the side. The support is removable if you want to hang the calendar on a wall.
  • It is made of indestructible ABS plastic and has a sleek and stylish design.
  • It is a perpetual calendar that can be used for a million years to come. You just need to push the magnetic balls forward a bit further every day.

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